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Terms of Service

Last update: 18/02/2022

Thank you for selecting NyExchange (the "Site"). The following terms and conditions of service (these "Terms of
Service") apply to users of the Site. You should read these Terms of Service carefully to determine which provisions
apply to you. These Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy should be read in conjunction. By
using any of the services, functions, or features made available from time to time on the Site (collectively or
individually, "the Services"), you agree to these Terms of Service (each of you and one of the following entities
named in (a) or (b) being a "Party" and collectively, the "Parties").

These Terms of Service constitute the entire Agreement and understanding concerning the use of any or all of the
Services, and any manner of accessing them via the Site, between you and one of the following Parties:

NyXExchange LTD ("N.Y.E.”)

1. you make a deposit, withdrawal, or transfer of Fiat or Digital Tokens to, from, or through any U.S. Financial
Institution to facilitate the provision of any of the Services. You are an "N.Y.E. Customer" if at least one of the
requirements in this agreement applies to you.

Please read the following Arbitration Provisions carefully, as it will obligate all N.Y.E. clients to resolve disputes

N.Y.E. Cookies Policy. Please note that all transactions involving Digital Tokens on or off the Site may be subject to
fees imposed by N.Y.E as set out and updated in the Fees Schedule at any time... The Terms of Service apply to all
content, services, and products available on the Site. In the event of any conflict between these Terms of Service and
any other pages, policies, terms, conditions, licenses, restrictions, or obligations stated within or on the Site, these
Terms of Service shall prevail.

You agree that these Terms of Service bind you by using the Site or any of the Services, as they may be updated and
amended from time to time. You understand and agree that you are giving up substantial rights by agreeing to these
Terms of Service, including the right to make a claim against us in the future for any damages caused by your use of
our Services. If you do not consent to be bound by these Terms of Service or any subsequent amendments, changes,
or updates, you may not utilize any.

N.Y.E may modify, alter, or update these Terms of Service at any time without notice to you. You should frequently
check the Site to ensure that your copy and comprehension of these Terms of Service is updated. You agree that if
you continue to use any of the Services after the date on which any amendments, changes, or updates go into effect,
you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service as modified by such amendments, changes, and updates.
Use of the Site and any Services is void where such use is restricted, would constitute a violation of, or would
subject users to penalties under applicable laws, and shall not serve as the basis for any interest, right, remedy,
power, or privilege assertion or recognition.

Use of the Site and any Services is void where such use is restricted, would constitute a violation of, or would
subject users to penalties under applicable laws, and shall not serve as the basis for any interest, right, remedy,
power, or privilege assertion or recognition.

The following terms have the indicated meanings in these Terms of Service and all documents incorporated herein
by reference unless otherwise stated.

1. "Affiliate" The definition of "Party" in the Agreement is: a Party means, in relation to either Party, a direct or
indirect subsidiary of the Party (a holding company), as well as any other subsidiary of that holding company.

2. "A.M.L." The term "money laundering" refers to a range of activities that are prohibited by law, including money
laundering. It includes all Regulations prohibiting money laundering, as well as any acts or attempted acts to conceal or disguise the source of funds, to alter their form, or to transport, transfer, or move illicit proceeds, property, funds, Fiat currency insider trading, financial crime, bribery, cyber theft or hacking, narcotics trafficking, weapons proliferation, terrorism, or Economic Sanctions violations (which may also need internal controls to detect, prevent, report and preserve records of suspected money laundering or terrorist financing), which might all require independent accounting;

3. "Anti-Corruption” All regulations, laws, and rules in effect on the date of this Agreement that is anti-corruption
or bribery-related must be complied with.

4. "Associates" means N.Y.E., and each and every one of their stockholders, directors, officers, employees,
contractors, agents, partners, insurers, and attorneys who or that are acting or performing services for the benefit of or on behalf of the Site;

5. "Controlling Person" does not include a firm or corporation unless the controlling interest is held by any
individual or affiliate of an obligated person in relation to that Party, which means it includes any Individual who
owns more than a 25% stake in any Other Person or affiliate.

6. "Copyrights" You may not use our Services to advertise or promote any goods or services that are in violation of
law and/or regulation.

7. "CTF" C.F.T.s are an essential part of the counter-terrorist finance system, and they provide critical capabilities
that help detect terrorist financing.

8. "Digital Tokens" Digital money is a way of representing wealth that may be used as (i) a medium of exchange;
(ii) a unit of account; (iii) a store of value, and/or (iv) other similar digital representations of rights or assets.

9. "Economic Sanctions" Any of the following acts or omissions may have a direct financial, commercial, trade-
related, military, or another negative impact on you and your business. These include, but are not limited to: any
Laws applicable to you or the Site that apply financial sanctions, trade embargoes, export or import controls
(including restrictions imposed by industry and

10. "FATCA" The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, as enacted by Title V, Subtitle A of the Hiring Incentives
to Restore Employment Act, P.L. 111-147 (2010), as amended; and its subsequent modifications are referred to as

11. "FATCA IGA" The U.S. has entered into an intergovernmental agreement with another country to implement
FATCA, which means that the United States and another country have established a legally binding agreement to
enable FATCA.

12. "FATF" The Financial Action Task Force was established in 1996, and it is a multinational organization
dedicated to preventing money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit finance threats.

13. "F.I.M." means the Financial Investigation Authority of Malta;

14. "Fiat" means the money or currency of any country or jurisdiction that is:
1. The United States department of treasury defines a virtual currency as "an exchange medium that is not called
'money' by any government or central bank." Despite the fact that most cryptocurrencies are issued and used outside of the country, they are still subjected to AML/KYC regulations.

15. "FinCEN" means the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S. Department of the Treasury;

16. "Laws" This means all laws, statutes, orders, regulations, rules, treaties, and/or official obligations or requirements imposed on you or the Site by any government.

18. "OFAC" The "Foreign Office of the U.S. Department of the Treasury" is an office in the United States
government responsible for monitoring and combating money laundering and terrorist finance activities.

19. "Prohibited Jurisdictions" Cuba; Democratic People's Republic of North Korea (North Korea); Iran; Pakistan;
Singapore; Syria, the Government of Venezuela, and Crimea are among them.

20. "Sanctions List" The list of S.D.N.s published by the U.S. Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets
Control, i.e., the "Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" ("S.D.N.") List and Non-SDN List,
including the "SeCtral Sanctions Identifications List," published by OFAC; FinCEN's Section published by the
F.I.A., or under Economic Sanctions, A.M.L., or CTF Laws of or by Governments of the United States, Malta, the
United Nations, or any other jurisdiction or Government.

21. "Sanctioned Person "The term "Sanctioned Individual" refers to any individual or digital tokens address that is:
(a) specifically named in any Sanctions List; or (b) 50 percent or more owned by one or more persons, entities,
organizations, governments, officials of prohibited jurisdictions, or individuals/tokens wallets connected to such

22. "N.Y.E Prime & N.Y.E Gold" means the N.Y.E Digital Token issued and redeemed by N.Y.E;

23. "U.S. Financial Institution" Any entity in the United States or a territory or insular possession of the United
States that is incorporated, organized, or located and engages in the business of (i) collecting deposits; (ii) making,
transferring, holding, or brokering remittances, loans, or credits; (iii) buying or selling foreign securities.

24. "U.S. Person" means:
1. U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident;
2. corporation, partnership, or other entity established or organized in or under the Laws of the United States;
3. any estate of a decedent who was a citizen or a resident of the United States;
4. any trust if (i) a court within the United States is able to exercise primary supervision over the administration of
the trust, and (ii) one or more United States Persons have the authority to control all substantial decisions of the
trust; or
5. any Person organized or incorporated outside the United States and the

25. "you" or "your" means the user.

1. Headings: The headings and sub-headings in this Terms of Service are for convenience only and should not be
relied on in the construction or interpretation of any provision or provisions to which they refer.

2. Genders: Unless otherwise stated in these Terms of Service, the following words include all genders and the
singular as well:

3. Laws: These Terms of Service shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of Malta and Belize.
The Laws of Malta, excluding choice-of-law principles, will govern any dispute, argument, claim, or action arising
from or related to your use of the Site or these Terms of Service

4. RoRa Prime™ & RoRa Gold™ Tokens are a cryptocurrency token used on the N.Y.E. General
Restrictions: N.Y.E creates and distributes N.Y.E Tokens. N.Y.E Tokens may be used, kept, or exchanged for goods
or services anywhere parties are willing to accept them. There is 100% backing for N.Y.E Tokens from N.Y.E's
1. The following Persons are prohibited from depositing to, or withdrawing from, any Digital Tokens Wallet on the
2. Persons domiciled or ordinarily resident in, certain nationals of, or the Governments or Government Officials of
Prohibited Jurisdictions.
4. any Person that resides, is located, has a place of business, or conducts business in the State of New York; and
4. U.S. Persons.
Any individual who is a U.S. Person and any entity that is a U.S. Person is prohibited from using the Site or any
Services, including but not limited to using a Digital Tokens Wallet on the Site. Exceptions to this policy may be
made by N.Y.E, in its sole discretion, for Eligible Contract Participants only, which shall be customers solely of

5. Risks and Limitation of Liability: Important: The value of Trading Markets in Digital Tokens changes rapidly.
Digital Tokens are also susceptible to cyberattacks and breaches, which is why they're so important. You alone are
responsible and accountable for any trading or non-trading activity on the Site, as well as your Digital Token Wallet
on the Site, and for knowing the actual status of your, You agree that: (i) you are fully responsible and liable for
your trading and non-trading actions, inactions, and omissions on the Site and all gains and losses incurred as a
result of your use of the Site and any of the Services; (ii) you are fully responsible for securing access to, and any
information transmitted.

6. Withdrawals and Deposits: N.Y.E may be required to share your user information with other contract third
parties, such as financial institutions, or as needed under applicable Laws or compelled by a lawful request from any
Government during the processing and sending of withdrawals, or while processing and receiving deposits.
THIRD PARTIES UNDER CONTRACT. You are fully responsible for any and all consequences that result from
sending Digital Tokens off the Site, including N.Y.E Tokens. Digital Token transactions cannot be reversed. You
accept the risk of losing access to, as well as any right to claim on, your Digital Tokens indefinitely or permanently
if you send them to an address on purpose or through a fraudulent or accidental.

7. Resolution of Disputes:
1. If you are a N.Y.E Customer, any dispute, claim, controversy, or action arising out of or related to (a) the Terms
of Service or the existence, breach, cancellation, enforcement, interpretation, or validity thereof; (b) your account(s),
operations and Services of the Site; and/or (c) your access to for the avoidance of doubt, and without limiting the
generality of the foregoing, this provision expressly applies to any claim, whether in tort, contract or otherwise,
against N.Y.E. You irrevocably and unconditionally consent to the courts of Malta's jurisdiction and venue, as well
as any other objections thereto, including forum no convenient or similar doctrines. N.Y.E and any other party
hereto agree that claims against one another must be brought on an individual basis only and not as a plaintiff or
class member in any purported class or representative. The adjudicator is limited in the kinds of claims that he or she may consolidate, join, or otherwise preside over. The adjudicator may not consolidate, combine, or aggregate more than one person's or party's claims and may not otherwise manage a consolidated, representative, or class action. Any remedy granted to anyone N.Y.E user cannot and

2. Any dispute, claim, or controversy between you and N.Y.E. regarding (a) the Terms of Service or the validitythereof, (b) your account(s), (c) operations and Services of the Site, or (d) your access to or use of the Services at any time shall be resolved by confidential arbitration before a sole arbitrator in. The enforcement and interpretation of this arbitration provision shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. §§ one et seq.


9. Prohibited Uses: You may not:

1. The Site or any Services may not be used if any applicable Laws, such as A.M.L., CTF, Anti-Corruption,
Economic Sanctions, prohibit, penalize, sanction, or expose the Site to liability for any Services supplied or offered
to you or your Digital Tokens Wallet(s), including but not limited to Digital Tokens Address

2. To perform any of the actions described above, you may not use our Site or any of the Services, or any financial
services provided by a U.S. Financial Institution, whether an Affiliate or Associate of N.Y.E

3. To use the Site or any Services to evade taxes under the Laws of Cyprus, the United States, or any other
jurisdiction(s) applicable to you or the Site (a) will not be authorized by us;

4. You may not use the Site or any of its Services with anything other than fiat currency, cash, keys, property, or
Digital Tokens that you have lawfully acquired and own.

5. You may not use the Site or any of its Services to interfere with or subvert the rights or responsibilities of other
site users, N.Y.E's rights, obligations, or interests, or cause legal responsibility for N.Y.E and other Site users;

6. Use of the Site to take advantage of any technical problem, fault, failure, delay, default, or security breach;

7. You are not permitted to utilize the Site or any Services in a manner that: (a) engages or attempts to engage in
wash trading, spoofing, fictitious trading, or price manipulation; (b) places orders or quotes into any Digital Token
market with the objective of disrupting or disregarding the negative consequences on orderly market activity and fair transactions; or8. You shall not use the Site or any Service to advertise, offer for sale, sell, trade, or otherwise distribute information about yourself that is false, deceptive, fraudulent, or misleading in any way.

9. Willful infringement of any portion of these Terms of Service or any violation thereof by you, your End Users, or
your Subscribers may result in the immediate elimination of your account and the permanent deletion of all
information associated with it.

10. Intellectual Property:

1. The trademarks, service marks, and trade names (the "Marks") are the property of T.O.L. or other third parties.
You agree not to copy, display, or utilize the Marks or other content without prior express, written permission from
T.O.L. or the third-party owner of the Marks, including but not limited to as a domain name,

2. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on the Site are copyrighted by, and owned exclusively by,N.Y.E ("Copyrights").. N.Y.E reserves all rights in its Copyrights. You agree not to appropriate, copy, display, or
use the Copyrights or other content without express, prior, written permission from N.Y.E;

3. The Site may provide certain social media features that allow you to connect, send messages, or present material
from the Site. These features may be used only as they are offered by N.Y.E. You may not create a link from any
website other than your own, place the Site or portions of it on another site (for example, framing, deep linking.

4. R.O.C., its licensors, or other providers own and maintain the Site and Services, which are protected by copyright,
trademark, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws in various countries. All rights not expressly
granted to you in these Terms are reserved by R.O.C.

11. Your Representations & Warranties: You represent and warrant to N.Y.E as follows:

1. I understand that if I am an individual user, I am at least 18 years old and have the legal ability to do so;

2. If you are registering to use the Site on behalf of a legal entity (i) such legal entity is lawfully organized and
validly existing under the applicable laws of its founding jurisdiction; and (ii) you are properly authorized by such
legal entity to act on its behalf,

3. If there is a good reason to believe that you will not utilize the Site or any Services to conceal or disguise the
source or character of criminal proceeds, terrorist financing, or blocked assets, frozen assets, economic resources, or corruption relating to a government official under any applicable laws, nor trade in unlawful Digital Tokens

4. You must also ensure that neither you nor any of your Affiliates have directly or indirectly provided, promised,
given, or authorized any compensation to a Government Official or individual working for another entity in the
private sector in violation of any anti-corruption laws.

5. N.Y.E does not assume any liability or responsibility for any instructions received or taken by means of your
login credentials or from your authorized e-mail address on file with N.Y.E, and will act in accordance with those
instructions without incurring any liability or responsibility.

6. I agree that you will comply with all applicable laws, including any reporting requirements or income-related
obligations in connection with your use of the Site, and pay any taxes due thereon.

7. No Representations & Warranties: N.Y.E does not make any representations, warranties, or guarantees to you of any kind. The Site and the Services are provided "as is," with no warranty or guarantee expressed, except as expressly set forth in this Section. You acknowledge and agree that N.Y.E may provide access to features or services labeled as "beta" or "pre-release." You understand that such services are still under development, may contain bugs or errors, may be incomplete in certain aspects, and could change substantially before a commercial release.

12. Limitation of Liability & Release: Important: N.Y.E disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for and
shall have no liability or responsibility for any claim, application, loss, damage, delay, accident, cost, business
interruption costs, or other expenses (including without limitation attorneys' fees and the expenses of any claim or
lawsuit), nor for any incidental, special, indirect, and direct.

13. No Waiver: So, failing to exercise any of Roma's rights, powers, or remedies under these Terms of Service, or
any delay by N.Y.E in doing so, does not negate the consequence. The exercise of one right, power, or remedy by
either Party does not preclude the other from using any other rights, powers, or remedies.

14. Force Majeure: When the delay or failure is caused by fires, strikes, labor disputes, riots, embargoes, floods,
bank failures, Digital Token market collapses or fluctuations, power outages or failures, acts of God or the state's
enemies (such as disease pandemics), lawful acts of public authorities, any and all market movements and shifts in
the, For example, a server crash or an Internet outage might cause delays in delivery; computer, server, or network
malfunctions; Internet disruptions, viruses, and mechanical failures (e.g., power outages); security breaches or cyber assaults; criminal acts; common carrier delays or cancellations; third party actions or omissions; any other delays, defaults. In the case of force majeure, N.Y.E is released from any and all performance obligations, and these Terms of Service shall be effectively terminated.

15. Assignment: You may not transfer, assign, sell, or give away the rights granted to you under these Terms of
Service without N.Y. E’s prior written consent. The rights, duties, and obligations set forth in these Terms of Service
are freely transferable by N.Y.E without notice or your consent. You may not attempt to transfer these Terms of
Service without first

16. Severability: If any provision of these Terms of Service or part thereof, as modified from time to time, is
determined to be illegal, void, or unenforceable by a court with competent jurisdiction, it will only be illegal, void,
or unenforceable to the extent that it is unlawful void, or unenforceable.

16. Sharing of Personal Information: N.Y.E is occasionally asked for information by law enforcement agencies all
around the world. If it appears reasonable and necessary, N.Y.E may be ordered to share and/or provide your
Personal Information with/to law enforcement agencies and/or a government in this scenario. You agree to the
sharing of your Personal Information as permitted by applicable laws.

Privacy Policy

Last update: 18/02/2022

We respect the privacy of everyone who visits our website. In general, you are welcome to visit NyXExchange.com without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. If you do not wish for your personal information to be collected, please do not provide it.

When you utilize services on NyXExchange.com, such as requesting information, electronic payments, or trading, we will request certain information about yourself by filling out and submitting an online form. It is entirely optional for you to do so. If you choose to participate in these activities, however, you must submit your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and other personal information to NyXExchange LTD.

Also, because we want you to be aware of new product developments, special discounts, and other NyXExchange LTD news, and services. NyXExchange LTD. does not share any information with third-party marketers. The information we collect is for NyXExchange LTD.’s internal use only.

Cookies Use

Last update: 18/02/2022

Please read the following cookies policy carefully before continuing to use or access this Site (the "Site"). In addition, you should also review our Terms of Service, which form part of these terms.

1. Cookies are small text files that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you access it. Cookies are used by many commercial websites to help personalize the advertisements shown to you while browsing online. Cookies can also be used to keep track of information such as shopping cart contents and provide more convenient use of the site for repeat visitors. Many major websites use them.
2. If you wish to turn off or block our cookies on your computer or other device, you'll need to do so using the browser's "Help" menu.
3. Cookies (first-party cookies) are set on web pages, however if we need further information from visitors, we may also allow other firms to put cookies on our Site (third-party cookies). We've carefully chosen these businesses and must adhere to their contractual obligations.
4. What are cookies used for?
5. Cookies from the following categories may be found on the Site:

i. Strictly Necessary cookies – Cookies are used for technical reasons and are required to allow the Site to function smoothly so that you may easily navigate it and utilize certain features. These might be, for example, cookies that aid us in diagnosing any problems. If these cookies are blocked or assassinated, parts of the Site may not operate as intended.
ii. Functionality cookies – Analytical - These are used to enhance the Site's functionality and make it easier on easier to use. They assist us in identifying you as a returning visitor to the Site, as well as assisting us in remembering your preferences (such as language or region).
iii. Unless you delete or block cookies, we may share information that we gather using them in aggregated form with carefully selected third parties for the purposes stated above.

Law Enforcement

Last update: 18/02/2022

Law enforcement agencies around the world have requested information about our clients on a number of occasions. This page is dedicated to assisting you and law enforcement in obtaining information regarding how these inquiries are addressed. When NyXExchange LTD is contacted by law enforcement, they typically want two types of data: customer identities and consumer activities. When information demands are delivered to NyXExchange LTD, it is done in accordance with rigorous legal criteria. This may differ by jurisdiction. The subject of the process is usually determined in one way or another by the type of order being executed. For example, production orders, search warrants, and subpoenas are all legal procedures in some jurisdictions; requests for voluntary data disclosure may be authorized by various legal processes. In order to protect itself, its Associates, and its clients, NyXExchange LTD examines each request for voluntary data disclosure and assesses whether it has a relationship with a NyXExchange LTD before releasing information to authorities. In order to discuss the rules and procedures of NyXExchange LTD, please contact le@nyxexchange.com for more information.

Exchange Operations Procedures & Terms

Last update: 08/03/2022

**** Exchange operations with cryptocurrencies come with a significant amount of risk.
Cryptocurrency values are subject to volatility, and the time it takes for your exchange order to be fulfilled can be substantial.

You confirm that you have read and accepted the Exchange Operations Procedures & Terms and
NyXExchange's general Terms of Use by submitting the Order.

At the time of your Order's submission, a NyXExchange Account will be created for you using
the information you provided, and you will be regarded as a Client of NyXExchange from that
moment. Before your order can be processed, you must complete KYC procedures.

NyXExchange - NyXExchange AS, an LTD organized under the laws of Cyprus, with offices at
1 Avlonos Street Maria House Nicosia, 1075, Cyprus ("NyXExchange"; "we"; "us"; "our") or any successor or assignee.

NyXExchange Account is available for trading on the same day it is acquired from a client in Cyprus. It can be purchased at any time of the year, but currency transactions are only accepted during business days in Cyprus.

Commission – the Exchange's commission for the Exchange Operation

Conversion Estimate – The Exchange can purchase several Tokens equal to the Purchase Amount (minus the Trade Commission) with the Invoice Amount, subject to any changes in the trade price of tokens

NyXExchange ID – the Client's NyXExchange identification/client number

Exchange – NyXExchange or any successor

Hotline – the Exchange's customer service hotline

Order – the Client's Order for the Exchange Operation submitted to the Exchange electronically and setting out the number of Euro funds the Client instructs the Exchange to exchange into

Tokens – USDT (Tether) tokens (tether.io)

Refund commission – commission charged in case of refund

Trade Commission - The fees paid to the Exchange to carry out the Exchange Operation are Commission

Trade Confirmation - The Exchange confirms the Client's receipt of the Order by sending a notification to Exchange

Last updated: 09 March 2022

Until your client account is approved, you may not place an order for more than 150.00 Euro or equivalent in host currency.

KYC1.0 requirements:

After satisfaction of applicable KYC1. requirements the following limits apply:
• There is a limit of 5,000 EUR or the equivalent in the host currency for each transaction.
• Two transactions per day are the maximum purchases on one bank card.
• 15,000 EUR or equal in host currency per one bank card is the maximum daily number of investments.
• The maximum monthly purchase amount per bank card is 20,000 EUR or the equivalent in host currency.

Note: KYC2.0

Following a trader's trading history under our internal guidelines, NyExchnage will graduate customer accounts to KYC2.0, and clients will be notified by email of their new limits.


1. The Client places the Order to start the Exchange Operation.

2. The Exchange will send the Client a Trade Confirmation and an invoice for the entire Order amount after placing it. The Invoice will be emailed to the Customer, who may download a copy of it from their NyXExchange Account.

3. The Trade Confirmation will contain the Conversion Estimate and the amount of the Trade Commission.

4. By the close of the Business Day immediately following the date of the Invoice, the Client should pay the Invoice by wire transfer in immediately available funds. The irrevocable debit of the Client's account with their bank (credit institution) that maintains such performance, for the total amount of the Invoice.

5. All commissions, transfer fees, duties, and other costs associated with the payment of the Invoiced Amount are the Client's responsibility.

6. When the Exchange receives the Invoiced Amount, it will deduct its Trade Commission and use the rest of the money to purchase and deliver the Tokens to the Client's NyXExchange Account.

7. A payment instruction from the Client must include a reference to the Client's NyXExchange ID. Failure to do so may result in delays in (a) the Exchange's processing of the Order and (b) activating your account, and (c) because of this, the Client may be unable to sell the Tokens before their expiration date or at all. The Exchange will not deliver the Tokens to the Client until they have been purchased and paid for by another user in a Token sale.

7.1. To be conforming with anti-fraud standards, the Company must identify you as a cardholder, someone who is given and authorized to use a card. To prevent fraud and misuse of money, the Company must ensure that the payment method used is connected to the NyXExchange account holder's account. Additional verification is required, the employee and (d) If the payment currency differs from the euro. In that case, the applicable limits are calculated in euro equivalent according to the current exchange rate of the processing partner.

• The amount paid by Exchange to the Client according to the Invoice is less than the entire Invoiced Amount ("Insufficient Amount"). In that case, Exchange will inform the Customer accordingly, and the Client may instruct Exchange (via Hotline) to modify the Order to equal such Insufficient Amount. The Trade Commission established in the Trade Confirmation will not.

• The Exchange will remit the excess (minus all applicable bank commissions, costs, and duties) by wire transfer to Client if no such instruction is received within 5 (five) Business Days from the date of receipt of such Insufficient Amount by the Exchange.

• Actual Amount received by Exchange due to the Bill is greater than the Total Invoiced Amount ("Excessive Amount"). In that case, the Exchange will inform the Client accordingly and request that they instruct it to issue an additional Bill for the excess. If a client cannot meet the settlement conditions, the excessive amount is remitted by wire transfer. In such case, a new Trade Commission will be imposed on. If no such instruction is received within 5 (five) Business Days from the date of delivery of such Excessive Amount to the Exchange, the Exchange will begin a remittance.

• The Conversion Estimate of the Trade supplied to the Client following placement of the Order is a guide. We usually aim to deliver the most significant possible number of tokens at the optimum feasible price; the precise number of tickets given to the Customer may differ. This difference is caused by a variety of elements, including:

a. Only after the Exchange has received the Invoice payment in full will it accept Tokens through an exchange of funds with Purchase.
b. The Token's value may vary due to market fluctuations between the time the Client makes an Invoice payment, when the Exchange receives that payment, and when the Exchange purchases and delivers Tokens to the Client.
c. Market disruptions, legislative modifications, or other detrimental effects on the Tokens and the Token market could limit their availability, recording, circulation, value, or delivery.
d. Please be advised that we do not refund any money paid to us as a commission for completing the transaction in the event of a chargeback.


Order Value up to and including:
€1,000.00  €10,000.00 €100,000.00 €1,000,000.00

Trade Commission Range  
8.35% 7.50% 7.00% 6.50%

The Trade Commission outlined in this agreement is for the benefit of both parties and shall be enforced without waiving or modifying it unless otherwise specified. We reserve the right to apply a lower Trade Commission at our discretion without prior notice if we so choose.

1. You agree to pay the Company a charge of 10 Euros for each incorrect transaction made by you within the NyXExchange mobile application, provided that no other provision of this Terms or any other agreements you are bound with the Company anticipates a higher amount.

2. The Company does not promise a refund if a tag is incorrectly used, resulting in coins being deposited into NyXExchange's user account and currency sent to an e-wallet outside the NyXExchange mobile application. The Company can make such a return at any point, the Customer.

3. The Company will not issue a refund if the transaction was completed (i.e., if the Client completed a deal with a merchant such as bought goods, received services, and so on) unless such transaction was caused by third-party fraud or criminal activity in any form.

4. The digital asset application is handled particularly on the leading network of the specified blockchain. In case of non-performance of obligations under these paragraphs, no compensation will be paid:
(1) The incorrect tag for transferring funds was stated; (2) XRP was incorrectly named.
(2) Make sure that you're sending the transaction to the correct address and not one in another blockchain.
(3) Standard ERC-20 token transaction to smart contract address.
(4) Other similar circumstances that we believe are necessary as they emerge.

Thus, if such cases arise no refund will be contemplated.

1. We also remind you that the Company prohibits the usage of non-Official Client Apps or Algorithms from operating services.

2. If you exploited technological blunders and system failures for personal gain, the firm could recoup several funds. Such as

1. Exchange done at the incorrect rates.
2. The use of trial-and-error methods.
3. Custom programs, third-party services, or hardware solutions to exploit a technical flaw.